All lawsuit information is from public documents filed in the Federal Court System.  The quoted sections are not my words but the words of the plaintiffs, the defendant (Sandia), and their lawyers.  These are allegations, so feel free to read the entire cases yourself and make your own judgement.

Better yet, ask the managers involved and named in the lawsuits.

You can look up the lawsuit documents on the Public Access to Court Records (PACER) website at


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The Posts

Along with our post on two more cases of age discrimination at Sandia Labs come some disturbing news. We’ve heard of more employees recently getting pushed out the door due to their age. Feel free to contact us for support, advice, or just a listening ear.

If it happens to you, remember this. DO NOT GO TO HR! Go first to get a consult with an employment attorney. It will be free or not cost you much, and you’ll be armed with information. Your attorney may even put Sandia Labs on alert that they won’t tolerate your being discriminated against and shoved right out the door. Your attorney will advise you which internal offices at Sandia you should make a complaint to and which external ones. Heck, they’ll write it for you. YOU CAN’T DO THIS ALONE! Sandia has a well-oiled machine to get rid of older employees, troublesome minorities, and uppity women who don’t know their place (supporting and serving male employees). DO NOT RELY ON HR OR ETHICS!

Contact us and we’ll help you find an employment attorney (no, there’s no kickback to us). We’ll help you fight back and preserve your job. Already fired for being old? There are time limits to take action. Don’t wait! Talk to an employment attorney (best approach) or file an EEOC complaint before its too late. That preserves your rights. Get together with other older employees and bring a class action age discrimination lawsuit against Sandia Labs.

Sandia Labs Lawsuit of the Week

FRIDAY FEATURE   Enjoy your Friday reading of another of the many discrimination lawsuits against Sandia Labs. Lawsuit archives

The Manager Wall of Shame

These are the managers accused in lawsuits.  If you’re looking for a new job at Sandia, you should have this information before you decide where you want to work. 

Updated 10/7/19. More coming soon! Check back often

Remember, these are allegations from lawsuits.  If you’re thinking about working for one of these managers, ask others in the group what the working conditions are like.  Ask the manager involved about his/her alleged actions.  Do your homework!  Don’t become the next Sandia Treatment victim!

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