Another older Hispanic woman. Again, Tim Gardner. Judge for yourself the (alleged) actions of Tim Gardner.

Thelma Ortiz received the same treatment as Rita Luna-Cassias and was forced out of the same job. She was escorted out of her office, like Rita, and made to sit in a trailer with no work for two weeks. Her vault access was removed. How is getting older a security issue??? She was encouraged to retire. When she didn’t, she was forced into a grade 6 job (pay reduction).

I won’t repeat everything that happened to Thelma, but you can read about what happened to her colleague Rita here. Here’s how it ended for Thelma. While I don’t like to mention people’s medical conditions, it is stated publicly in the complaint against Sandia that Thelma had Multiple Sclerosis. This is a REAL condition. It isn’t something that lazy employees fake to get out of work. This is diagnosed by neurologists. It’s progressive and can even lead to death. Tim Gardner knew this, but he still forced her into a job as a gardener when he decided to get rid of the older women Neutron Generator Production specialists.

“Plaintiff was initially re-assigned to work as a gardener, climbing and trimming trees and working out of doors, as a Grade 6. … Plaintiff was never qualified for this position, and Defendant knew or should have known that she was never qualified for this position. Plaintiff was re-assigned temporarily to the furniture warehouse, and after her Union contested her down grade in pay she was restored her pay grade but froze her scale, so that Plaintiff could no longer receive any raises, unlike males in similar positions. The Re-Application Division job involved sorting through boxes of discarded materials, which were covered in mouse and rat urine.“

Here’s where it gets really strange. And bear in mind that Thelma is not the only person forced from Sandia that went through a physical evaluation without ever being allowed to see the results.

“Defendant Sandia Corporation sent Plaintiff to Bear Canyon Therapy to be evaluated as to whether she could physically meet the new job requirements. Plaintiff did not see any report from Bear Canyon…Plaintiff later attempted to retrieve the Bear Canyon reports and was told that Bear Canyon had no record of her evaluations.”

And so it ends for another older, Hispanic, woman employee:

“In March 2015, Plaintiff was forced to retire from Defendant Sandia Corporation.”

This case is almost identical to Rita Luna-Cassias. Same manager, Tim Gardner. It is sickening that Sandia HR tolerated moving someone with Multiple Sclerosis to a gardener position when she had no qualifications or experience in this area. They should have protected Rita. Instead, they protected the manager.

Note, too, that there was an accusation against the employee but she was never allowed to see the supposedly independent report. In fact, the company who evaluated her claims they don’t have a report. Is this more falsification to force an employee out???

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