All you retirees, listen up! You better cut back on your prescription pills or else!!!  They’re going after retirement benefits now because y’all been popping too many pills, specially them “specialty medications”. 

Read here:  Insurance Increase

So if Sandia wants to get you out the door cause of your age, consider what they’re doing to your medical costs before you quit. It’s doubled and nearly tripled for some. 

Don’t let them force you to retire. If they tell you “retire or be fired”, let them fire you, and sue them for age discrimination and to get your job back. Or compensation.

Sandia, you’re even grinchier than GM. Consider retirees have generally given their entire work career to the company, suffered health consequences because of it in many cases, and had to put up with security and clearances for years … well, way to go. Totally expected of a company that doesn’t care about its employees. It cares less about its retirees. 

Sandia National Labs << General Motors  << The Grinch