Think the problem is isolated to a few disgruntled employees? Read on…

NNSA should be asking itself how you can have a secure work environment when employees are reporting this kind of discrimination. NNSA, you instructed us to watch out for the unhappy employees who might leak national security secrets. Why not watch out for the managers who cause the unhappiness??? How about DEMANDING fair treatment of all employees in your contracted national labs???

Below are more employee reviews of Sandia Labs, most since the change in management. No, I didn’t write any of them. Consider carefully if you are a woman or person of color applying at Sandia. Do you want a break in your career because someone with prejudicial values sits above you in the org chart? (2/18):

Very Poor Management

Solutions Architect  – Albuquerque, NM – February 19, 2018

“Run. Don’t get lured into this low quality of life company and job. The managers are the worst, play favorites and a good ole boy system. So if you are a white, Christian, Male with no ethics this company is for you. If not there is very little diversity and you’ll struggle with the white male culture.” (3/19):

I do not recommend working for Sandia as a contractor. I was recently with Sandia National Laboratories as a contractor and had an absolutely terrible time. …

There is some subtle discrimination that happens at Sandia Laboratories that very much exists. It is a White Male employer, point blank. Some people are not comfortable working with women or people of color or have odd ideas about them. Some departments are better with this than others. (2/18):

Smart people, poor management

… Management hires the best and brightest, but doesn’t effectively manage the workforce. The quality of your work does not seem to matter in terms of career advancement. As a result, cynicism is rampant. The entire organization seems to function as a good old boy network with the chosen few being promoted. As a government institution it is fraught with waste. I firmly believe that if Sandia functioned as a for-profit organization, it would be out of business in less than one year. I highly encourage young engineers to seek employment elsewhere, where the quality of your work has a better chance of being recognized (7/17):

Listen if you have the option to work for Sandia National Labs or someplace else, opt for someplace else. The company as a whole does very interesting and important work in service to the nation however, because of the high incidence of nepotism those who are qualified are usually passed over for promotions so that available positions can be awarded to family members and favored friends.

The high incidence of nepotism has resulted in very high attrition rates among younger employees and older workers. There is blatant disregard legislation designed to protect employee rights; there is systemic incompetence especially as it relates to Management and the administration of employee benefits and protections under the law.

It was hoped that the recent change in the company’s ownership would usher in the replacement or reassignment of existing business managers which would have broken up the crony mentality, but they were all kept on in their current roles; so its business as usual!


Blantant disregard for EEOC and other labor law requirements

Glassdoor (12/17):

women run–you will be treated pooly and watch the men get ahead

Women are treated horribly, no promotion paths, men take credit for your work and you are seen as support staff only. (2/13):

not for what I was hired for 

While I was there, there is a lot of “skirt chasing,” even the married ones do it. Linked to the skirt chasing comes your promotions or whereever/whatever you want in the company.

Wish there were more females in managerial positions! (6/15):

Great work, unethical people

Management does not take responsibility for their actions, and they place blame on their subordinates. The ethics department, OMBUDS, does not help, they simply lend a listening ear.



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