You know what it is. You saw a security or a safety violation at Sandia Labs and spoke up.  You had a different professional opinion than your boss.  You raised a concern about ethics or discrimination.  That’s NOT the Sandia Labs way! Now you’re the troublemaker, hard to get along with, not doing well with your work, no one wants to work with you, your boss is talking about you behind your back. Maybe you’ve been moved to a less important project, sidelined, stonewalled, set up to fail. Your coworkers are distancing themselves from you. It’s not your imagination. IT’S REAL and it’s called “The Sandia Treatment”. You know. You’ve seen it. Now it’s your turn. It will continue until you shut up or move to another job.

Your manager finds some way that you’re a little different. Maybe you have a disability. Maybe you’re a little older or a little younger. Maybe your English isn’t perfect (yeah, sadly that really happened to someone I know), maybe you’re a woman when your org is all guys or the other way around. Maybe you only have a masters when they all have PhD’s. They find some little way that you’re different, and they magnify and focus on that until YOU come to believe you’re no good. Don’t believe it. It’s “The Sandia Treatment”.

It’s poor management from bad managers.  You can fight back against it!

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